Review: Edmeades Zinfandel – Buy It!

2007 EdmeadesLike an old friend you can count on in a pinch, we turned to the Edmeades Zinfandel after the Rijckaert Chardonnay debacle.  This California wine has become our favorite zin of late, the one which all other zins are being judged by.  Very tasty and goes with any meal we’ve throw at it (confession: after the kids were in bed there was still some left and we wanted to watch a DVD, and you can’t watch a movie without popcorn right?  Orville Redenbacher Movie Theater Butter + Zin = Yum!).  At $14 this Costco wine is definitely money well spent, especially if you like Zinfandel.

Note:  As usual the industry big wigs are following our lead.  Food And Wine reviewed the Edmeades zin and named it their #1 zin for under $20 (never mind the fact their article is from 2008 and this review is from mid 2009, I swear they copied us!) .  You can read their take as well as see their other winners here.

Also of note:  If you can’t buy Edmeades at your local grocery or Costco you can buy it directly from them at their website

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