Review: Rijckaert Chardonnay – Blech!

We’ll keep this short and not so sweet.  Amy’s review “This wine stinks, literally!”  Hopefully, there was something wrong with the bottle.  There was definitely an unpleasant “cooked cabbage” odor happening.  At $15 from Costco it was definitely a disappointment.  As ever though, Costco rules.  We returned the half empty bottle for a full refund (which we promptly invested in the always delicious Edmeades zinfandel.  If you’ve tried the Rijckaert chardonnay and had a better result than us definitely drop a note in the comments and *maybe* we’ll give it another try.


  • Nina says:

    You are exactly right! I bought it because Costco had Wine Advocate review raving about it. As soon as we opened the bottle there was literally a stench emanating from it. And of course it tasted no better. “Toadstools” and “Frog Piss” were a couple of words we came up with. A 2 Buck Chuck Sauvignon Blanc gone bad might have tasted better. I was so embarrassed as it was a gift. P U!!

  • Phil says:

    Yikes! As a gift no less! What a bummer! I was hoping maybe we just had a bad bottle. Have you tried the La Crema Chardonnay? Or actually, we haven’t written the review of it yet but the Columbia Crest Two Vines Chardonnay came out on top of a little taste test we just did. I think the price is around $8.

  • Annette says:

    I just came across this while searching the web. No vintage is named. I have had 2008 Chardonnay recently. Its from ARBOIS up in the Jura. Its not Macon or Burgundy in style. This is a Chardonnay built on a structure of acidity, leaner yes, but not vegetal, Rijkeart uses a little wood here too. The wines are made biodymamically as well and sometimes take a little longer to elvolve but are always quite fresh. I think the COST CO bottles purchased surely must have been some wholesalers close-out. Or they have been poorly shipped or poorly warehoused. Its not always about an issue that happened at the winery.

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