Since my dearly beloved husband apparently doesn’t have time to update the Grocery Wine website, I’ve decided it’s time for yours truly to take over the reins. Unlike my husband, I have all the time in the world. What working mom of four doesn’t?! Then again, maybe I just take wine more seriously than he does (refer to “mom of four” above).

This post is for the “coupon mom” in particular. I’m not that mom… because it’s all I can manage to get myself and any number of children who may be accompanying me to the grocery store at all. Once there, I am all but oblivious to the people shopping around me – unless you are slowing me down in which case, BEWARE! I do not have the luxury of time, which is precisely why I appreciate deals that don’t require extra clipping, computing, or searching on my part.

If you haven’t already heard, Vons is currently offering 30% offall wine, with an extra 10% off if you buy six bottles or more. That’s 40% off for those of you who can’t do math (or just have mommy brain like me). Six bottles… that’s not even a weeks worth, so stock up my friends!

I am personally a lover of champagne, so I have a few bubbly favorites to recommend. After all, bedtime for the kiddos is always cause for celebration in our house 😉

My personal picks include:


Gloria Ferrer

Mumm – Blue Label for a sweeter bubbly

Chandon Brut  is perfect for sipping or mimosas

Roederer Estate for something fancy


Cambria Julia’s Vineyard will please just about anyone


Justin Vineyard big, jammy, and oh so smooth (A personal fav!)


La Crema is an easy go-to, smooth, buttery, perfect for a hot day.

DeLoach If you want to try something a little different but equally fantastic the DeLoach is a great value and equally yummy.

With Christmas just around the corner, we could all use a little more $$$ in our pockets so build yourself a wine six pack and let me know what you think of my suggestions.

Until next time…



20120124-185446.jpg Apothic Red? Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.  And I come to this little wine shop (aka Vons) quite often.  Now, if only I could find the wine merchant who runs this establishment…  Undoubtedly, busy with a connoisseur in another area of the store, perhaps in the exotic cereals section?

Because I like to live on the edge (and it was on sale for under ten bucks) I went ahead and tossed this in the cart.  Glad I did!  This thing was excellent!  A little snooping around the web reveals that Robert Parker called the 2008 vintage “one of the greatest bargains I have ever tasted from California”.  Wow!  That’s pretty high praise!  Obvious, black cherry tastes as well as vanilla.  We’ll definitely be going back for another bottle!  (as you can see from the picture, ours got emptied pretty fast!)


RedDiamondWith the arrival of cooler fall weather our tastes our definitely shifting towards reds.  And with the holidays around the core now is a great time to flesh out the wine collection before all the guests arrive.  We’ve reviewed three cabernets over the last few weeks and found two that definitely deserve your attention and one you should avoid.  They’re all available at your local grocery store (ours came from Vons aka Safeway) and all are under $15. Continue reading »


Two words on this one: wow!  Alright, disclosure time: 1. “wow” is not two words.  2.  This isn’t really a grocery wine (unless your local grocery store is in an extremely well heeled area of Australia).  We managed to obtain a babysitter awhile back and while sniffing around for a new restaurant to try out I came across a reference to a members only club in downtown San Diego.  On a whim, I picked up the phone and asked if I could come in for dinner.  After bouncing around to a few people on the phone the director of member services agreed to leave some guest passes for us with the hostess.  Sweet!  When we arrived, I was surprised to discover a jacket was required.  Huh?  Listen, you might think this makes sense what with the members only thing but this is San Diego.  Dressing up here means Continue reading »


coppolaLast night I arrived home to find a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola Ivory Label Cabernet Sauvignon breathing on the counter.  I’ve been curious to try the Coppola wines, wondering if Coppola’s star power was the main selling point or if there is actually something there.  Since they’re not particularly cheap (averaging $15-$20) I’ve always opted for an alternative.  But since Amy did the grocery shopping, price is no object (thank goodness the really expensive stuff is locked in a glass case!).  So, after tasting the wine independently Continue reading »


“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.”  -James Dent

BarefootPinotGrigioWe’ve got a couple of requirements for wine on a summer afternoon: cold, refreshing, unfussy and in our glass.  As the day winds down We’re not interested in seeing how a wine’s “bouquet matures”.  We’re more concerned with seeing how it helps a great afternoon mature into a great evening. Continue reading »


oldfridgeJust came across an easy wine tip for serving wine at the right temperature: “Twenty minutes before dinner, you take the white wine out of the fridge, and put the red wine in.” says Ursula Hermacinski, a wine auctioneer formerly of Christie’s.  I’ve heard from a number of sources that most people serve their red wine too warm and their whites too cold.  According to those in the know reds should be served at “cellar temperature” or approximately 65 degrees.  Since most of our wine cellar’s are still in the planning stages (I just can’t decide what color marble coordinates best with the chandeliers!) our reds are usually served at room temperature.  Conversely, we serve most white’s straight out of the fridge which is considered to be so cold it blunts some of the flavors.  Thanks to Borracha’s Wine Blog for this handy tip!

(And thanks to “Say Anything” for being an awesome movie and providing the perfect title for this post!)

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burgerIn our house the 4th of July means burgers will be hitting the grill.  With that decided we can devote all of our energy to determining what wines to have with dinner.  Usually, I’d stay up late for months trying to come up with the perfect pairing for our burgers (not really), tasting thousands of wines (I wish), eating hundreds of burgers (no comment).  This year though my fine friends over at Wine Spectator agreed to my request to write a couple of articles on the subject (I actually never spoke with them but I was thinking about it and then the articles were there so I still say it was my idea).  Included on their list of wines for the 4th are a few grocery store staples which you should have no trouble finding at the local Safeway, Kroger, Vons, Ralphs, etc.  Best of all there are a number of relatively cheap wines on the list with reds ranging in price from $11-$16 and whites from $9-$12.  Listed below are our picks from the Wine Spectator articles.  Enjoy and happy 4th! Continue reading »