You must chill! Serving Wine At The Right Temperature

oldfridgeJust came across an easy wine tip for serving wine at the right temperature: “Twenty minutes before dinner, you take the white wine out of the fridge, and put the red wine in.” says Ursula Hermacinski, a wine auctioneer formerly of Christie’s.  I’ve heard from a number of sources that most people serve their red wine too warm and their whites too cold.  According to those in the know reds should be served at “cellar temperature” or approximately 65 degrees.  Since most of our wine cellar’s are still in the planning stages (I just can’t decide what color marble coordinates best with the chandeliers!) our reds are usually served at room temperature.  Conversely, we serve most white’s straight out of the fridge which is considered to be so cold it blunts some of the flavors.  Thanks to Borracha’s Wine Blog for this handy tip!

(And thanks to “Say Anything” for being an awesome movie and providing the perfect title for this post!)

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