Review: Roederer Estate Brut Champagne

RoedererBrut Do you usually drink Cristal Champagne but darn it the grocery store doesn’t carry it?  Never fear!  Both Costco and Vons currently have the excellent Roederer Estate Brut Champagne (technically, a sparkling wine) which is made by the same family that makes Cristal.  And although the price of Cristal is of no concern for you and I  ($300 a bottle?  Well shoot, just give me the whole case!) this great California wine is a bit cheaper slipping in at $20 at Costco and on sale at Safeway (aka Vons) for $20.83.  Roederer is a long time favorite of ours and we were thrilled to find it becoming more readily available.  We rushed home from the store and tossed it in the freezer to quickly chill it (a little research reveals this is a terrible idea but hey it worked for us).  The question then became how long do we need to leave it in there for.  Amy was the first to crack, at the 40 minute mark she suggested we take it out.

“What if it’s not cold enough yet?”  I asked.

She responded, “Then I’ll say: It even tastes good warm!”

Lucky for us it was plenty cold and we didn’t have to test the taste of tepid Champagne.

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