Review: Firefly Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon – Worth a try?

redglass Firefly Ridge wines have become fairly popular over the course of the last six months and so when it went on sale at Vons I was eager to try it and write up a review.  As it turns out the most interesting aspect of this California Cabernet Sauvignon is that it is named “Firefly Ridge” and as far as I know there are no fireflies in California (although virtually every kid growing up here wishes there were).  The Firefly Cabernet is just “okay”.  It’s drinkable – don’t throw it out if you already have a bottle – but seeing how it isn’t particularly cheap there are quite a few other cabs out there that warrant more attention than this one.

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  • Bobo the Hobo says:

    Firefly Ridge is produced in Livermore by The Wine Group, third largest producer of wine in the US (franzia, etc). So box wine in a bottle, basically.

  • Batman says:

    I wana know who makes it,does safeway make it or von’s

  • Bernie says:

    I’m 51 years old, and just experienced my first alcohol-related sickness after drinking 2 glasses of Firefly Ridge wine. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy or accept a bottle of this wine as a gift. The taste was fine, but a headache came on after one glass, and awakened me in the early morning hours, with symptoms that almost sent me to the hospital.

    My “house wine” is Forest Glen. I poured it at my wedding, and going on 5 years now, it remains a staple in my home.

  • Jim Best says:

    The pretentious skank (Veronica Haley) upstairs drinks this swill… It’s barely palatable, but I play along so as to not upset her (sociopathically) delicate feelings… I would recommend spending your money on a different (better) selection & giving this (& her old wrinkly ass) a pass…

  • Nay Nay says:

    I wish I read this before I bought this wine. It was on sale at Vons for 6 bucks (reg $15) that’s why I tried it. I wish I had my 6 bucks back. I would have been highly upset if I would have paid full price. Stay away from this wine! YUCK!

  • Phil says:

    Ugh. Sorry Nay Nay!

  • Melissa says:

    I don’t drink reds, but I have a panic attack if my Safeway is out of their Pinot Gris. I have served it in a glass to some wine snobs in the family, and they love it.

  • Leen says:

    I reluctantly bought this because it was on sale for $5.99, which was $10 less than the non-sale price. I was pleasantly surprised and liked it enough to go back and buy more. I’m surprised at all of the negative reviews.

  • cynner original says:

    I agree with the other reviews on the quality of the taste ~ I bought the Red Flash thinking that it’s hard to DIS-taste a mixture of grapes. Although not a bad tasting red wine mix, I thought it would taste better since the original price was almost $20. All in all I give Firefly Ridge ~ The Red Flash a “B-“)in consideration of price, quality, and taste ~ but truthfully I did attract to the label of fireflies and the fact it was $10 bucks off. Well, as an optimist also, I bought the cab too. When I open that I will gladly review my sinful partaking.

  • anna says:

    After two glasses of this wine I woke up with a horrible headache the next day. And my boyfriend got very sick after maybe 3 glasses. He got the worst migraine within a few hours after drinking and then started throwing up very violently. I do not recommend this wine. It is obviously made very cheaply and is probably not even real wine, whatever it is it will make you sick. Do not buy!

  • John says:

    This sold mainly thru Safeway?Vons and the way they market it is very disingenuous. I think the reason most people buy it is because Safeway shows a retail price of around $20 and a sale price of $6 – $9. Thing is it’s ALWAYS on sale. The retail price shown at Safeway has to basis to reality. The wine is crap even at $6. Please don’t be scammed by Safeway. There are dozens of better wines then this swill.

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  • Roxy says:

    I agree with Leen. I’m surprised by all the negative comments. I have drunk both the Cab and the Red Flash. For the price, I didn’t expect it to be a great cab. It’s OK. But I was pleasantly surprised by the red flash. Very good. A nice table wine for light meals or some one on a budget seeking an every day wine. I tried it because Barefoot Cab, which is award winning, inexpensive and delicious, has given me a splitting headache every time I had it. Disappointing because I enjoyed it. Firefly Ridge Red Flash is my alternative.

  • Katherine Phillips says:

    Wow, I am surprised at all the negative comments because I just had the Cab and the Red Flash while on vacation in Calif. and thought they were fabulous! I am trying to find out how to get them back home in TN!

  • Dandy Andy says:

    Firstly: Livermore is nowhere near the Central Coast and B) I would be surprised to hear anyone say they’ve ever seen a firefly in CA.

  • peter1044 says:

    I thought it was fine-light and fruity. No headaches. A guest who is into “better” wines also thought it was fine. It always comes down to individual taste. Try it. If you like it, drink it. Don’t be bullied.

  • Chris T says:

    Vinted and bottled in Livermore, from grapes/bulk wine obtained elsewhere–the Pinot Noir i am drinking is from Central Coast, a common pinot growing region. Many wineries truck in bulk grapes or purchase bulk juice from specific growing regions. And FYI, California has 19 species of fireflies, a new species was discovered last year. The Pinot i bought is on sale for $4.98, and is very drinkable for the price.

  • Jason L says:

    Terrible wine, at 6 or 16$! Shameful business practices.

  • Matt says:

    Picked up a bottle of their cabernet, because it was on sale for $5.99 at Safeway, and labeled as regularly $12… this is, BY FAR, the worst bottle of wine I have drunk in long time!! i was already tipsy when I stopped at Safeway to grab a bottle to take home .. it’s always telling, when wine is bad enough to snap you out of your stupor. I had to leave this bottle open for TWO hours, in the hopes that it would eventually become drinkable. NOPE. It’s not…………I sure wish I had my $6 back! Don’t even consider buying this piece of shit.

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