There is good wine at the supermarket!

Wine row please!

We love wine.  The problem is we work all day, have kids to shuttle around and can barely keep food in the cupboard let alone schedule a visit to the local “wine merchant”.  That means we’re just like you and nine times out of ten we buy our wine at the grocery store where we’re faced with a billion colorful labels, strategically placed displays and not a single knowledgeable salesperson in sight (beside the fact there’s a toddler in the cart desperately trying to knock bottles from the shelves, which by the way is probably the easiest way to find the most expensive wine in the supermarket).

Here’s the theory: among all those bottles there is some great wine, possibly outstanding wine at a great price.  The bad news is there is also a lot of bad wine mixed amongst it.  The trick is finding the needle in the haystack.  Our reviews help you find the hidden gems and avoid the “blech“!

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