Review: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Kim Crawford Summer is here (even if the calendar still shows it being a month away).  And with summer comes warm weather, and with warm weather comes a desire to put off running the air conditioner for as long as possible, and with no a/c comes a house which is broiling by evening, and with broiling comes a need for a cool refreshing drink.  Some might say water is a logical choice but those people have clearly never had a tall cool glass of Kim Crawford.

This New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc does just about everything right.  At the time of this posting this is currently our favorite white (not counting Champagne of course).  Currently under $15 at Costco this wine is a great deal.  Amy actually got a little Wine Spectatorish on us and jotted down the following notes:

“Perfect balance of minerals, grass and fruit.  Light and refreshing.  Good on its own or served with mac and cheese.”

Well, maybe that last sentence wouldn’t have been in the wine spectator review…


  • Jennifer says:

    I love this wine! I first had it at Nicks at the Pier about 6 months ago and was very excited when I saw it at Costco. Crisp, refreshing- I thought I tasted a little grapefruit in there? Anyway, great to serve with a nice summer BBQ!

  • Phil says:

    Right on Jenny! Amy’s talking crazy in the post on Dry Creek’s Fume Blanc right? I know you’ve got my back on this one!

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